In the Summer of 1993, in upstate New York, a little girl named Sara Anne Wood disappeared. She was walking home along a country road and never got home.

Sara's parents, the police and hundreds of volunteers looked everywhere for her. We saw her picture posted everywhere we went in those days.

At last, it was thought that she had died and might have been buried by the person responsible up in the Adirondack Mountains in northern New York.

It was Winter by then. For weeks the State Troopers, forest rangers, volunteers and Sara Anne's father searched in the snow and freezing cold. They were not successful.

In the Spring, the search began again. Again, it went on for many weeks. Again, she remained missing.

Some stories do not have a happy ending. I would not be telling you the truth or preparing you for the hazards of life were I to tell you otherwise. The story of Sara Anne is one of those stories.

I'm telling you Sara Anne's story to inspire you to appreciate the efforts that our police, our community and the people who know and love us will take to find us if we are lost -- even if the situation looks hopeless.

(For Sara Anne Wood)

Up North, among the gloomy trees,
In chill and ice and bitter breeze,
A group of searchers probes the snow
In cold approaching ten below.

They fear that in these mountains wild's
The resting place of a poor, lost child.
They hope to God that they won't find
The thing that each has in their mind.

The months go by, the seasons change
Across the Adirondack Range.
Now rain and mud and flies and heat
Succeed as obstacles they meet.

Though none had met you, they know your face.
Your picture's posted every place.
And by their side 'mid pine and birch,
Your father's with them in their search.

You see, the Troopers and the rangers
Are very far from being strangers.
Most of them are parents, too.
They feel what yours are going through.

The Major who gives interviews
On morning and on evening news
Is not a TV talking head
Who's handed statements to be read.

His job's to keep the effort going.
Inspiring hope, though we work knowing
That we'll not find you safe and sound.
Still, we'll not stop until you're found.

The world for kids is full of dangers.
We warn you not to talk to strangers;
To stay away from guns and drugs;
From matches, knives, electric plugs.

Stay sure and steady in your belief
We'd keep you from all harm and grief.
And even if you disappear
We'll not stop looking. Never fear.


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